Spotify’s Chromecast-like Spotify Connect feature coming to smart TVs

When Spotify Connect debuted last September it was aimed at integrating the music streaming service with wireless speakers and home audio systems. Now, Spotify Connect’s reach is moving beyond home audio to smart TVs.

Late Wednesday, Spotify announced the company’s first television partnership with Philips, which will offer …Continue reading

Samsung outs the Gear S, a curved Tizen smartwatch that doesn’t need your phone

The tech world is just full of surprises ahead of the IFA Berlin tradeshow, which starts next week. The very same evening that LG announced its round-faced G Watch R, Samsung outed a new 3G-capable smartwatch even Dick Tracy could love—and a Bluetooth headphone-necklace thing.

Gear S smartwatch

Samsung’s new <a target=_blank …Continue reading

The 10 best laptops of 2014 (so far)

We’re more than seven full months into 2014, and with back-to-school shopping season underway and the holidays looming, it’s a perfect time to take stock of the year in laptops thus far.

We’ve seen some impressive gaming rigs, super-thin Ultrabooks, tons of clamshells with touchscreens, high-resolution everything, the rise of Haswell-class …Continue reading

This more-powerful Raspberry Pi competitor is totally free

Wishing your Raspberry Pi had more power for all those hardware hacking projects you have planned? There’s a new barebones board on the market that may better fit your needs, and right now you can sign-up for your chance to get it for free.

Imagination Technologies announced on Wednesday the …Continue reading

Seagate’s monstrous 8TB hard drive is the most spacious storage yet

If you’re looking to pack a massive amount of storage into your PC, the best you can do these days is 6 terabytes—as long as you’re willing to shell out close to $300. But there may soon come a day where you can get a whopping 8TB stuffed into …Continue reading

Three ways to use BitTorrent Sync to share your files without the cloud

On Tuesday, BitTorrent (the company) launched Sync 1.4, a brand new version of its peer-to-peer file syncing app that makes sharing folders with others a breeze. We have an in-depth hands-on with Sync 1.4 that will teach you how to use the app if you’re not familiar with it.

But …Continue reading

Hands-on: Sweeping BitTorrent Sync update streamlines cloudless file-sharing

BitTorrent Sync offers an enticing promise: share any folders you want across all your devices using peer-to-peer networking—no cloud necessary. And people are buying into that promise, according to BitTorrent, with more than 10 million installs of the app and 80 petabytes of data transferred.

Despite the promising early numbers, …Continue reading

Newegg rolls out same-day delivery in Los Angeles

Don’t panic next time you accidentally fry a motherboard; Newegg can get one to you the same day you order it, if you live in Los Angeles. Yes, the PC components and electronics retailer announced this week that it would be the latest online shop to try out same-day delivery.

Starting …Continue reading

Spotify’s Windows Phone app (finally) gets free, ad-supported listening

Spotify just leveled the playing field for Windows Phone users after promising improvements back in May. On Tuesday, Spotify announced that the ad-supported version of Spotify was now available on Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Before the announcement, Windows Phone users who wanted Spotify on their phone had to shell out $10 …Continue reading

Microsoft cuts Surface 2 prices by $100

With the start of the school year coming up Microsoft hopes there’s still time to convince students and teachers to pick-up a Windows RT-powered Surface. On Sunday, the Microsoft Store cut prices on all three Surface 2 models in the U.S. by $100.

The Surface 2 base model can …Continue reading