Two Google scheduling tricks to keep you organized in the fall

Ah, the back-to-school season. There’s no other time of the year that simultaneously strikes fear, dread, and excitement into the hearts of students and parents across the country.

On the fear and dread side, part of the problem is staying organized while getting used to a brand new schedule, new …Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Foundation bakes a custom, optimized browser for the $35 mini-PC

The Raspberry Pi is a fun little mini PC you can play around with to create your own entertainment center, learn a little programming, or even use as a secondary PC. But one complaint you’ll consistently hear from Raspberry Pi users is just how poor the web browsing experience …Continue reading

Meet Tox, an open, privacy-focused Skype replacement

The website 4Chan is infamous for birthing Anonymous—and more recently the major alleged iCloud hack that exposed the private photos of several celebrities. But some who frequent 4Chan, it seems, have nobler intentions.

A relatively new project made up of programmers who frequent 4Chan, Hacker News, and Reddit are working …Continue reading

How to clear absolutely everything off your desktop in Windows 8.1

I’d bet that if you polled 10 PC users on the best way to use the desktop on Windows you’d get 11 different answers. How to use the desktop is one of the most personal choices each PC user makes. We’ve already covered ways desktop hoarders can better manage …Continue reading

Hands-on: Chrome beta gets guest mode and a new profile switcher

Google is changing how people switch between different user profiles and also moving guest mode from a hidden feature to a regular part of the browser, at least in beta.

The latest beta build of Chrome moves user profiles from the upper left-hand corner of the browser to the right-hand …Continue reading

Controversial ads slip into Firefox nightly test builds

Spotify’s Chromecast-like Spotify Connect feature coming to smart TVs

When Spotify Connect debuted last September it was aimed at integrating the music streaming service with wireless speakers and home audio systems. Now, Spotify Connect’s reach is moving beyond home audio to smart TVs.

Late Wednesday, Spotify announced the company’s first television partnership with Philips, which will offer …Continue reading

Samsung outs the Gear S, a curved Tizen smartwatch that doesn’t need your phone

The tech world is just full of surprises ahead of the IFA Berlin tradeshow, which starts next week. The very same evening that LG announced its round-faced G Watch R, Samsung outed a new 3G-capable smartwatch even Dick Tracy could love—and a Bluetooth headphone-necklace thing.

Gear S smartwatch

Samsung’s new <a target=_blank …Continue reading

The 10 best laptops of 2014 (so far)

We’re more than seven full months into 2014, and with back-to-school shopping season underway and the holidays looming, it’s a perfect time to take stock of the year in laptops thus far.

We’ve seen some impressive gaming rigs, super-thin Ultrabooks, tons of clamshells with touchscreens, high-resolution everything, the rise of Haswell-class …Continue reading

This more-powerful Raspberry Pi competitor is totally free

Wishing your Raspberry Pi had more power for all those hardware hacking projects you have planned? There’s a new barebones board on the market that may better fit your needs, and right now you can sign-up for your chance to get it for free.

Imagination Technologies announced on Wednesday the …Continue reading